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Marketing Your Course

As you are preselling and creating your online course, you want to be marketing it as well. If you fail to market your course, do not expect students to be interested in buying your product. So, it is imperative to conduct effective marketing strategies to attract the most amount of customers possible.

Email Marketing

The most effective marketing strategy for any online course is through email. Email marketing will allow you to talk to potential customers, sell products in a personable way, and create a recurring client base. In other words, having a strong email marketing strategy is a must for any online creator.

In your email marketing strategy, take the time to create a business email account. Do not use your personal email when chatting with potential customers. Using a professional business account will make your course seem more professional and encourage more customers to purchase your product.

In your emails, use the active voice and keep it simple. You want to engage your customers not give them a lecture. Additionally, add the learning outcomes so that customers know what they will learn from the course without looking it up.

At this point, you may be wondering, “How do I get emails to send the promotional content to?” Well, you gather emails through social media marketing and platform chats. You can gather these emails by using a magnet lead, which is a free item that you give in exchange for the potential customer’s email address.

Social Media Marketing

Another effective marketing strategy is social media marketing. Social media marketing includes using a variety of social media platforms to reach different audiences for your online course. Though email marketing is the most effective marketing technique, you should definitely not skip social media marketing since it is how you will gain an email list.

In your social media marketing strategy, be sure to include a number of social media platforms. This can include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, or more. Do not just stick to one platform. The reason for this is that there are different users on various platforms. Using more than one platform will increase your chances of scoring more customers.

When you post on social media, use a business account that will make you look more professional. It will also allow you to monitor customer participation in your posts, which can allow you to gauge what techniques are the most successful for you.

Additionally, keep a consistent branding voice on all social media posts. This will allow customers to immediately recognize your product. Add your learning outcomes to your posts so that people can be knowledgeable on your course from the beginning. Also, add magnet leads to various social media posts to increase the chances of customers giving you their email. 

Finally, be sure to use visual aids in your social media posts. Visual aids increase the number of interactions on social media posts. Use different apps or websites to create banners or flyers that are intended for specific social media platforms.

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