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Launching Your Online Course

So, you have brainstormed your idea, created your content, and marketed intensely. Now, it is time to finally launch your online course. With that being said, there are a couple of steps to do in the launching phase before the actual hard launch.

Soft Launch

Before having your hard launch, it is recommended to have a soft launch. A soft launch is when you allow a select number of people to test out your product. The reason that you will want to have a soft launch is that it will attract more customers, and it will give you the opportunity to work out any kinks before the hard launch.

The reason that a soft launch will increase your customers is that typically soft launch participants are offered a discount for the product. In exchange for their feedback, they are given some sort of discount. This encourages more participants to interact with your course.

More importantly, though, a soft launch gives you the opportunity to learn of any grammatical, content, or technical errors in your course. The last thing you want is for your hard launch to be a flop because of any problems within the course.

As soft launch participants use your course, they report back to you with any issues that they find. As you receive critical feedback, do not get your feelings hurt or become defensive about your product. Look at it as a way of improving your product.

Final Edits

When the soft launch is over, it is finally time to make changes and fix any last-minute issues. When doing these final edits, make sure to focus on grammatical and technological issues. These issues will make the user experience much less beneficial, but they’re easy to fix before the hard launch starts. You will probably want to research various editing tools online.

Once the final edits are over, it is time to have a hard launch! The hard launch is when your online course goes live. During this phase, continue marketing and promoting your product. Even during the life of your online course, continue marketing to gain even more customers.

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